art deco sculptures

Art Deco Sculptures

Art Deco sculptures

Art Deco is a decorative style popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Sometimes Art Deco is referred to as a collage of styles. In 1925 in Paris, the International Exposition des Arts Decoratifs was held. It was required that any entries made at the exposition had to be of the new modern design. Styles from the past or styles which reflected the past were not allowed. Popular motifs which have become representative of the Art Deco style are abstract designs, geometric lines, dramatic use of colors, stylized floral motifs, shimmery colors, and motifs denoting speed or balance.

Art Deco styles are strongly represented in bronze sculpture of the Art Deco time period. These bronze expressions in style continue to be quite popular today. The Four Winds Collection at makes available to the public a number of marvelous reproduction Art Deco sculptures. Highly regarded sculptors of the Art Deco Period are D.H. Chiparus, J.P.F. Preiss, Edgar Brandt, and Phillipe.

Many art deco subjects were taken from the ballet, the theater, and Egyptian themes. Art Deco sculptures reflect speed and grace and balance. The Four Winds Collection offers numerous fine quality Art Deco sculptures at and stands behind and guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase with a money back guarantee.

We have many works by D.H. Chiparus including Gates of Promise, Innocence, Atinea, Footsteps, Nubian Dancer, Starfish Dancer, Ramses Entertainer, Girl with Parrot, Dancer of Kapurthala, Nijinsky, Eternal Friends, Mandolyn Player, Dancer with Raised Skirt, and Dancing Girl.

We offer outstanding reproductions of the work of Phillipe to include his pieces Parrot Girl, Nude on Blanket, and Awakening.

Edgar Brandt is represented with reproductions of his works Cobra Lamp (both Floor and Table models) and Salamander Vase.

One of the foundries we work with specializes in the art deco sculptures. The foundry master is very knowledgeable and is a collector of art deco sculptures. He travels to Europe to find originals or high quality reproductions for importing to the United States.



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